London Fashion Week AW15 – Backstage

Some portrait and behind the scenes photos I took before the shows at London Fashion Week AW15.

Barbara Casasola AW15_DAV2674

Barbara Casasola AW15_CAS0504

Simone Rocha AW15_DAV2283
Kai Newman @ Simone Rocha

Christopher Raeburn AW15_DAV2745Athena Wilson @ Christopher Raeburn

Christopher Raeburn AW15_DAV2747Emily Meuleman @ Christopher Raeburn

Emilio de la Morena AW15_DAV2786

J JS Lee AW15_DAV2142

Jonathan Saunders AW15_DAV2600Stella Lucia @ Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders AW15_DAV2602Sally Jonsson @ Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders AW15_DAV2633Jessica Stam @ Jonathan Saunders

Margaret Howell AW15_DAV2370Amra Cerkezovic @ Margaret Howell

Hunter AW15_DAV2717

JW Anderson AW15_DAV2218Hedvig Palm @ JW Anderson

Margaret Howell AW15_DAV2359Vasilisa Pavlova @ Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell AW15_DAV2369Irina Sharipova @ Margaret Howell

Hunter AW15_DAV2724Frances Coombe @ Hunter Original

OSMAN AW15_DAV2700Frances Coombe @ OSMAN

Barbara Casasola AW15_DAV2662

Margaret Howell AW15_DAV2398

Emilio de la Morena AW15_DAV2767

Emilio de la Morena AW15_DAV2753

Paul Smith AW15_DAV2559

London Collection Men AW15

Some black and white portraits I took backstage at London Collection Men  AW15. More pictures to come soon… Stay tuned!

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Christopher Raeburn_DAV1578Christopher Raeburn

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Christopher Raeburn_DAV1601Christopher Raeburn

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15__DAV1812E.Tautz

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_KTZ_DAV1696KTZ

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15__DAV1861Tiger of Sweden

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_KTZ_DAV1703KTZ

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Margaret Howell_DAV1628Margaret Howell

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Marharashi_DAV1521Maharishi

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Pringle of Scotland_DAV1652Pringle of Scotland


Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Tiger of Sweden_DAV1818Tiger of Sweden

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Tiger of Sweden_DAV1844Tiger of Sweden

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Tiger of Sweden_DAV1850Tiger of Sweden

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Tiger of Sweden_DAV1858Tiger of Sweden

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_YMC_DAV1539YMC

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_YMC_DAV1549YMC

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_YMC_DAV1554YMC  

Backstage – London Fashion Week SS15

These are some of the pictures I took backstage at  London Fashion Week SS15 as part of my ongoing personal project. Portrait style and more calm than usual, that was the mood this season.

01_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_Bora Aksu_DAV1273
Maja Brodin @ Bora Aksu

02_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_DAKS_DAV1288

03_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_JW Anderson_DAV1359
Yulia Musieichuk @ J.W. Anderson

04_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_JW Anderson_DAV1362
Margott Bialik @ J.W. Anderson

05_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_Ji Hye Park_Preen by Thorton Bregazzi_DAV1397
Ji Hye Park @ Preen by Thorton Bregazzi

06_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_Kid Plotnikova_Jonathan Saunders_DAV1432
Kid Plotnikova @ Jonathan Saunders

07_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_Alina Levichkina_Preen by Thorton Bregazzi_DAV1393
Alina Levichkina @ Preen by Thorton Bregazzi

08_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_Michael Van Der Ham_DAV1464
Margarita Pugovka @ Michael Van Der Ham

09_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_Cindy Bruna_Antonio Berardi_DAV1447
Cindy Bruna @ Antonio Berardi

10_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_Emilio De La Morena_DAV1495
Emilio De La Morena

11_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_Kai Newman_Jonathan Saunders_DAV1438
Kai Newman @ Jonathan Saunders

12_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_Georgia May Jagger_Marchesa_DAV1370
Georgia May Jagger @ Marchesa

14_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_DAKS_DAV1296

15_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_Nadja Giramata_Temperley London_DAV1411
Nadja Giramata @ Temperley London

16_Davide Cossu_Fashion Backstage_LFW_SS15_Lina Berg_Preen by Thorton Bregazzi_DAV1391
Lina Berg @ Preen by Thorton Bregazzi