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Some behind the scenes from London Fashion Week AW18 I shot in February for Notion Magazine

Davide Cossu_BORA AKSU_AW18_BOR2167
Bora Aksu

Davide Cossu_BORA AKSU_AW18_BOR2215Bora Aksu

Davide Cossu_EUDON CHOI_AW18_EUD0853Eudon Choi

Davide Cossu_EUDON CHOI_AW18_EUD2197_2Eudon Choi

Davide Cossu_FYODOR GOLAN_AW18_FYO8279
Fyodor Golan

Davide Cossu_FYODOR GOLAN_AW18_FYO8364
Fyodor Golan

Davide Cossu_HOUSE OF HOLLAND_AW18_HOH1827
House Of Holland

House Of Holland

Davide Cossu_JASPER CONRAN_AW18_JAS9109
Jasper Conran

Davide Cossu_JASPER CONRAN_AW18_JAS9199Jasper Conran

Davide Cossu_MARK FAST_AW18_FAS0075
Mark Fast

Davide Cossu_MARK FAST_AW18_FAS9847
Mark Fast

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_AW18_OSM1750

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_AW18_OSM1759

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_AW18_OSM8767

Davide Cossu_PALMER HARDING_AW18_PAL0540Palmer//Harding

Davide Cossu_PALMER HARDING_AW18_PAL1877Palmer//Harding

Davide Cossu_PAM HOGG_AW18_PAM1719
Pam Hogg

Davide Cossu_PAM HOGG_AW18_PAM8416
Pam Hogg

Davide Cossu_TEATUM JONES_AW18_TEA1074
Teatum Jones

Davide Cossu_TEATUM JONES_AW18_TEA1104
Teatum Jones

Legacy – Video

A short movie I made for my final project at Photofusion.

Ayumi’s family lives in Japan and she visits them every 1 or 2 years. Ayumi brought some family belongings to London to stay connected with them.

Directed and Edited by Davide Cossu

Featuring Ayumi Kajwara wearing her dad’s kimono and her grandad’s watch.

Music by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Aisling Bea X Vulkan Magazine

My portrait of beautiful Irish actress, comedian and writer Aisling Bea (Would I Lie To You?, Nevermind The Buzzcocks, Hard Sun) for VULKAN magazine. As always surrounded by an amazing team that are stylist Amy Leonard, MUA Justine Jenkins and hair stylist Sabrina Lefebvre.

To see the full story and read Aisling’s interview click on here

Davide Cossu_Aisling Bea_Portrait_Vulkan_085

Nell Hudson for Vulkan Magazine

Great to photograph stunning actress Nell Hudson (Outlander and Victoria) for VULKAN magazine. Thanks to the amazing team that are stylist Amy Leonard, MUA Salina Thind and hair stylist Sabrina Lefebvre.

To see the full story and read Nell’s interview click on here

Davide Cossu_Nell Hudson_Portrait_VULKAN_126


Polaroid Series

I’ve been working on this particular Polaroid series for a while now. I started photographing professional models then I thought of including friends, friends of friends, amateur models etc. I knew it was going to be more challenging and of course it was.. It’s not easy to find someone that would literally strip in front of your camera but thanks to some very supportive friends (that did) and the pictures being now online more people are slooooowly getting in touch! If you’d like to take part in the project, please drop me an email!

The pictures are taken mainly on expired Polaroid and Fuji film, they are then bleached to reclaim a negative and finally scanned. There is no major retouching apart from some dust and scratches removal, it’s pretty much a raw process where loads of mistakes happen, sometimes happy ones.

To see more of the project visit my website here

Davide Cossu_Polaroid_Nude_Project_033

Davide Cossu_Polaroid_Nude_Project_042

Davide Cossu_Polaroid_Nude_Project_048

Davide Cossu_Amanda_Pola_Nude_003

Davide Cossu_Polaroid_Nude_Project_004

Davide Cossu_Polaroid_Nude_Project_007

Davide Cossu_Polaroid_Nude_Project_044

Davide Cossu_Ayumi_Pola_Nude_002

Davide Cossu_Lorraine_Pola_Nude_003

Davide Cossu_Polaroid_Nude_Project_031

Davide Cossu_Lorraine_Pola_Nude_005