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London Fashion Week AW17 – Backstage

Some images I took backstage at London Fashion Week AW17 for NOTION magazine last February

Davide Cossu_Ashish_LFW_AW17_ASH0536
Meg Fairbairn @ Ashish

Davide Cossu_Ashish_LFW_AW17_ASH0568
Sienna King @ Ashish

Davide Cossu_Ashish_LFW_AW17_ASH0633

Davide Cossu_Ashish_LFW_AW17_DAV6140
Meg Fairbairn @ Ashish

Davide Cossu_Eudon Choi_LFW_AW17_EUD8806Eudon Choi

Davide Cossu_Eudon Choi_LFW_AW17_EUD8817
Eudon Choi

Davide Cossu_Fyodor Golan_LFW_AW17_FYO8629Fyodor Golan

Davide Cossu_Fyodor Golan_LFW_AW17_FYO8631
Fyodor Golan

Davide Cossu_Fyodor Golan_LFW_AW17_FYO8684
Fyodor Golan

Davide Cossu_Jasper Conran_LFW_AW17_JAS9330Jasper Conran

Davide Cossu_Jasper Conran_LFW_AW17_JAS9375
Jasper Conran

Davide Cossu_Jasper Conran_LFW_AW17_JAS9379
Jasper Conran

Davide Cossu_Jasper Conran_LFW_AW17_JAS9493
Jasper Conran

Davide Cossu_JJS Lee_LFW_AW17_DAV6203

Davide Cossu_JJS Lee_LFW_AW17_DAV6227
Claudia and Giulia @ JJS Lee

Davide Cossu_JJS Lee_LFW_AW17_DAV6238
Sylwia @ JJS Lee

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_LFW_AW17_DAV6062
Suzi Leenaars @ OSMAN

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_LFW_AW17_DAV6079
Jan De Villeneuve @ OSMAN

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_LFW_AW17_OSM0241OSMAN

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_LFW_AW17_OSM0256

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_LFW_AW17_OSM0304

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_LFW_AW17_OSM0340
Shujing @ OSMAN

Davide Cossu_Ryan LO_LFW_AW17_RYA9148
Ryan LO

Davide Cossu_Ryan LO_LFW_AW17_RYA9247
Ryan LO

Davide Cossu_Ryan LO_LFW_AW17_RYA9278
Ryan LO

Davide Cossu_Temperley London_LFW_AW17_TEM0004
Aqua @ Temperley London

Davide Cossu_Temperley London_LFW_AW17_TEM0154
Lameka Fox @ Temperley London

Davide Cossu_Temperley London_LFW_AW17_TEM9994
Temperley London

Davide Cossu_THEO VII_LFW_AW17_DAV5943
Theo VII

Davide Cossu_THEO VII_LFW_AW17_THE9631
Theo VII

Davide Cossu_Topshop Unique_LFW_AW17_TOP9720
Lottie Moss @ Topshop Unique

Davide Cossu_Topshop Unique_LFW_AW17_TOP9787
Lily Jean Harvey, Dilone and Adwoa Aboah @ Topshop Unique

Davide Cossu_Topshop Unique_LFW_AW17_TOP9798
Alanna Arrington @ Topshop Unique

Davide Cossu_Topshop Unique_LFW_AW17_TOP9805
Topshop Unique

Davide Cossu_Topshop Unique_LFW_AW17_TOP9833
Dilone @ Topshop Unique

Davide Cossu_Topshop Unique_LFW_AW17_TOP9854
Lottie Moss and Lily Jean Harvey @ Topshop Unique

Davide Cossu_Topshop Unique_LFW_AW17_TOP9919
Topshop Unique



LFW AW16 – Backstage

After skipping last season I couldn’t wait to be back! Here are some of my favourite pictures I took backstage for Fault Magazine at London Fashion Week AW16

Davide Cossu_Ashish AW16_ASH3261

Davide Cossu_Ashish AW16_ASH3425

Davide Cossu_Ashish AW16_ASH3455

Davide Cossu_Ashish AW16_ASH3559

Davide Cossu_Ashish AW16_DAV4298

Davide Cossu_Belstaff AW16_BEL3123

Davide Cossu_Belstaff AW16_BEL3165

Davide Cossu_Belstaff AW16_BEL3179

Davide Cossu_Belstaff AW16_BEL3203

Davide Cossu_DAKS AW16_DAK2390

Davide Cossu_DAKS AW16_DAK2423

Davide Cossu_DAKS AW16_DAK2448

Davide Cossu_Holly Fulton AW16_HOL2741
Holly Fulton

Davide Cossu_Holly Fulton AW16_HOL2773
Holly Fulton

Davide Cossu_Holly Fulton AW16_HOL2840
Holly Fulton

Davide Cossu_Holly Fulton AW16_HOL2856
Holly Fulton

Davide Cossu_JJS Lee AW16_DAV4056

Davide Cossu_JJS Lee AW16_JJS2009

Davide Cossu_JJS Lee AW16_JJS2079

Davide Cossu_JJS Lee AW16_JJS2089

Davide Cossu_Manuel Facchini AW16_FAC2295
Manuel Facchini

Davide Cossu_Manuel Facchini AW16_FAC2340
Manuel Facchini

Davide Cossu_Sadie Clayton AW16_DAV4165
Sadie Clayton

Davide Cossu_Sadie Clayton AW16_DAV4202
Sadie Clayton

Davide Cossu_Sadie Clayton AW16_DAV4222
Sadie Clayton

Davide Cossu_Sadie Clayton AW16_SAD2971
Sadie Clayton

Davide Cossu_Sibling AW16_DAV4122

Davide Cossu_Sibling AW16_DAV4132

Davide Cossu_Sibling AW16_SIB2542

Davide Cossu_Sibling AW16_SIB2658


Backstage – London Collections Men AW16

Some of my favourite shots I took backstage at London Collections Men AW16.

Davide Cossu_Christopher Raeburn_LCM_AW16_DAV3953
Christopher Raeburn

Davide Cossu_Christopher Raeburn_LCM_AW16_RAE_1299
Christopher Raeburn

Davide Cossu_James Long_LCM_AW16_LON_1164
James Long

Davide Cossu_JW Anderson_LCM_AW16_DAV3932
JW Anderson

Davide Cossu_JW Anderson_LCM_AW16_JWA_1133
JW Anderson

Davide Cossu_Katie Eary_LCM_AW16_DAV3980
Katie Eary

Davide Cossu_Katie Eary_LCM_AW16_DAV3981
Katie Eary

Davide Cossu_Katie Eary_LCM_AW16_KAT_1515
Katie Eary

Davide Cossu_Katie Eary_LCM_AW16_KAT_1526
Katie Eary

Davide Cossu_Nasir Mazhar_LCM_AW16_DAV3751Nasir Mazhar

Davide Cossu_Nasir Mazhar_LCM_AW16_DAV3762
Nasir Mazhar

Davide Cossu_Nasir Mazhar_LCM_AW16_NAS_0248
Nasir Mazhar

Davide Cossu_Sibling_LCM_AW16_DAV3859Sibling

Davide Cossu_Sibling_LCM_AW16_DAV3860

Davide Cossu_Sibling_LCM_AW16_SIB_0862

Davide Cossu_Sibling_LCM_AW16_SIB_0871

Davide Cossu_Tiger Of Sweden_LCM_AW16_DAV3793Tiger of Sweden

Davide Cossu_Tiger Of Sweden_LCM_AW16_TIG_0432
Tiger of Sweden

Davide Cossu_Tiger Of Sweden_LCM_AW16_TIG_0483
Tiger of Sweden

Davide Cossu_Tiger Of Sweden_LCM_AW16_TIG_0567
Tiger of Sweden

Davide Cossu_Tourne De Transmission_LCM_AW16_DAV3997Tourne de Transmission

Davide Cossu_Tourne De Transmission_LCM_AW16_DAV4001
Tourne de Transmission

Davide Cossu_Tourne De Transmission_LCM_AW16_DAV4028
Tourne de Transmission

Davide Cossu_Tourne De Transmission_LCM_AW16_DAV4032Tourne de Transmission

Davide Cossu_Tourne De Transmission_LCM_AW16_DAV4037Tourne de Transmission

Davide Cossu_Tourne De Transmission_LCM_AW16_TDT_1647Tourne de Transmission

Davide Cossu_Xander Zhou_LCM_AW16_DAV3954Xander Zhou

Davide Cossu_Xander Zhou_LCM_AW16_DAV3956Xander Zhou

Davide Cossu_Xander Zhou_LCM_AW16_DAV3963Xander Zhou

Davide Cossu_Xander Zhou_LCM_AW16_DAV3966Xander Zhou

Davide Cossu_Xander Zhou_LCM_AW16_DAV3974Xander Zhou

Davide Cossu_Xander Zhou_LCM_AW16_ZHO_1340Xander Zhou

Davide Cossu_Xander Zhou_LCM_AW16_ZHO_1352Xander Zhou

Davide Cossu_Xander Zhou_LCM_AW16_ZHO_1371Xander Zhou


LFW AW15 shot on 110 film

Some images I took backstage last February at LFW AW15 with my first camera ever, a Kodak Ektralite 400. I found it again in a drawer with some unexposed but expired (in 1996) Ilford 110 film and decided to give it ago. The quality is far from perfect but I love it!

Ashish AW15-110film_1Cheyenne Carty Ashish

Christopher Raeburn AW15-110film_1Athena Wilson @ Christopher Raeburn

Jonathan Saunders AW15_110film_ 3Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders AW15_110film_ 5Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders AW15_110film_ 6Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders AW15_110film_ 7Jessica Stam @ Jonathan Saunders

Jonhathan Saunders AW15_110film_ 1Jonathan Saunders

Jonhathan Saunders AW15_110film_ 2Jonathan Saunders

Margaret Howell AW15_110film_ 2Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell AW15_110film_3Margaret Howell

Roksanda AW15_110film_1Roksanda

Roksanda AW15_110film_2Lauren Blackhouse @ Roksanda

Roksanda AW15_110film_4Roksanda

Ryan Lo AW15-110filmPoppy Okotcha @ Ryan Lo


LCM SS16 – Menswear

I covered 15 shows in 4 days this London Collection Men SS16, here is the result!

01_Davide Cossu_Agi&Sam SS16_AGI3679 Agi&Sam

02_Davide Cossu_Agi&Sam SS16_AGI3703           Agi&Sam

03_Davide Cossu_Agi&Sam SS16_AGI3734         Agi&Sam

04_Davide Cossu_Christopher Raeburn SS16_RAE4104 Christopher Raeburn

05_Davide Cossu_Christopher Shannon SS16_SHA3215         Christopher Shannon

06_Davide Cossu_Christopher Shannon SS16_SHA3282         Christopher Shannon

07_Davide Cossu_Christopher Shannon SS16_SHA3309 Christopher Shannon

08_Davide Cossu_E Tautz SS16_DAV2958 E. Tautz

09_Davide Cossu_E Tautz SS16_DAV2962                 E. Tautz

10_Davide Cossu_House of Holland SS16_DAV2950 House of Holland

11_Davide Cossu_House of Holland SS16_HOH4314 House of Holland

12_Davide Cossu_House of Holland SS16_HOH4323 House of Holland

13_Davide Cossu_James Long SS16_LON4097         James Long

14_Davide Cossu_JW Anderson SS16_DAV2894             JW Anderson

15_Davide Cossu_JW Anderson SS16_DAV2898 JW Anderson

46_Davide Cossu_JW Anderson SS16_JWA3971             JW Anderson

45_Davide Cossu_JW Anderson SS16_JWA3947JW Anderson

16_Davide Cossu_Katie Eary SS16_KAT4603         Katie Eary

17_Davide Cossu_Katie Eary SS16_KAT4625           Katie Eary

18_Davide Cossu_Maharishi SS16_DAV2913 Maharishi

19_Davide Cossu_Maharishi SS16_DAV2923 Maharishi

20_Davide Cossu_Maharishi SS16_DAV2933 Maharishi

21_Davide Cossu_Maharishi SS16_DAV2938   Maharishi

22_Davide Cossu_MAN SS16_MAN3037           MAN

23_Davide Cossu_MAN SS16_MAN3157           MAN

24_Davide Cossu_Matthew Miller SS16_DAV2862 Matthew Miller

25_Davide Cossu_Matthew Miller SS16_DAV2866 Matthew Miller

26_Davide Cossu_Matthew Miller SS16_DAV2872     Matthew Miller

27_Davide Cossu_Matthew Miller SS16_DAV2876     Matthew Miller

28_Davide Cossu_Matthew Miller SS16_MIL3809     Matthew Miller

29_Davide Cossu_Tiger of Sweden SS16_DAV2993           Tiger of Sweden

30_Davide Cossu_Tiger of Sweden SS16_DAV2996           Tiger of Sweden

31_Davide Cossu_Tiger of Sweden SS16_TIG4779 Tiger of Sweden

32_Davide Cossu_Tiger of Sweden SS16_TIG4800 Tiger of Sweden

33_Davide Cossu_Todd Lynn SS16_LYN3358           Todd Lynn

34_Davide Cossu_Todd Lynn SS16_LYN3411 Todd Lynn

35_Davide Cossu_Todd Lynn SS16_LYN3447 Todd Lynn

36_Davide Cossu_Todd Lynn SS16_LYN3562 Todd Lynn

37_Davide Cossu_Xander Zhou SS16 _DAV2967       Xander Zhou

38_Davide Cossu_Xander Zhou SS16 _DAV2971       Xander Zhou

39_Davide Cossu_Xander Zhou SS16 _XAN4460 Xander Zhou

40_Davide Cossu_Xander Zhou SS16 _XAN4473       Xander Zhou

41_Davide Cossu_Xander Zhou SS16 _XAN4493 Xander Zhou

42_Davide Cossu_YMC SS16_DAV2842           YMC

43_Davide Cossu_YMC SS16_YMC3574           YMC

44_Davide Cossu_YMC SS16_YMC3634 YMC

London Fashion Week AW15 – Backstage_2

More photos from London Fashion Week AW15 backstage… with a touch of colour.

Fyodor Golan AW15_DAV2166Fyodor Golan

Antonio Berardi AW15_BER0138Antonio Berardi

Ashish AW15_ASH1437Adesuwa Aighewi and Alyosha Kovalyova @ Ashish

Ashish AW15_DAV2793Ashish

Anya Hindmarch AW15_ANY0885Almina Estevao @ Anya Hindmarch

Li Xiao XingDAKS

OSMAN AW15_OSM0689Agne Konciute @ OSMAN

Ashish AW15_ASH1447Cheyenne Carty and Natalie Feltham Ashish

Ryan Lo AW15_RYA1668Ryan Lo

Barbara Casasola AW15_CAS0525Hadassa Lima @  Barbara Casasola

JW Anderson AW15_DAV2210JW Anderson

Roksanda AW15_ROK0206Ola MunikRoksanda

Margaret Howell AW15_DAV2374Audrey NuritMargaret Howell

Margaret Howell AW15_DAV2378Vasilisa Pavlova @Margaret Howell

Jonathan Saunders AW15_SAU9902Jonathan Saunders

Ryan Lo AW15_RYA1629Yana Shmailova @ Ryan LO

J JS Lee AW15_JJL7699      J JS Lee

J JS Lee AW15_JJL7769      J JS Lee


Anya Hindmarch AW15_ANY0954“HL” Hadassa Lima @ Anya Hindmarch

Ryan Lo AW15_DAV2817Ryan Lo

JW Anderson AW15_JWA9089Gentlemen, step back and stay behind the line.