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my pictures from london fashion week aw13 featured on fashion london magazine. article by mark cullum.

i was commissioned by sarah and james to take some portrait of their boys alexander and rory. i loved the briefing, we had fun and the boys did great!

a few shots from “la corsa degli scalzi” (barefoot race) in cabras, sardinia, that is held yearly the first weekend of september in honor of san salvatore.

i’ve started playing with instagram and i love it!!! please follow me @davide_cossu!

my picture of ground zero in new york made the cover of adam ross book “ladies & gentlemen” published by Piper Verlag Gmbh. you can buy the book on amazon!

i went to see daniel and his band playing in camden town at the blues kitchen and took some pictures. it was a really cool night with amazing live music, it ended up wildly with the crowd on stage dancing and singing with the band!

when i saw daniel during ed gray’s exhibition i thought, “i have to photograph this guy”! he was late for the shooting, so we didn’t have much time but we did a very good job! these are some outtakes. you can see more pictures from this shooting on my website in the portrait section and listen to daniel’s rock ‘n’ roll here! ¬†enjoy!

Davide Cossu Photography-the camden cat_003

Davide Cossu Photography-the camden cat_006

Davide Cossu Photography-the camden cat_007

Davide Cossu Photography-the camden cat_008

here are some more photos that are on sale on I am particularly attached to this images because they were taken in a period of big changes and in places i am very familiar with especially in sardinia and my kitchen in london.

lady’s glove worn to fix a bike.

a shot of my friend aurora taken in madrid.