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LFW AW15 shot on 110 film

Some images I took backstage last February at LFW AW15 with my first camera ever, a Kodak Ektralite 400. I found it again in a drawer with some unexposed but expired (in 1996) Ilford 110 film and decided to give it ago. The quality is far from perfect but I love it!

Ashish AW15-110film_1Cheyenne Carty Ashish

Christopher Raeburn AW15-110film_1Athena Wilson @ Christopher Raeburn

Jonathan Saunders AW15_110film_ 3Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders AW15_110film_ 5Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders AW15_110film_ 6Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders AW15_110film_ 7Jessica Stam @ Jonathan Saunders

Jonhathan Saunders AW15_110film_ 1Jonathan Saunders

Jonhathan Saunders AW15_110film_ 2Jonathan Saunders

Margaret Howell AW15_110film_ 2Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell AW15_110film_3Margaret Howell

Roksanda AW15_110film_1Roksanda

Roksanda AW15_110film_2Lauren Blackhouse @ Roksanda

Roksanda AW15_110film_4Roksanda

Ryan Lo AW15-110filmPoppy Okotcha @ Ryan Lo


London Fashion Week AW15 – Backstage_2

More photos from London Fashion Week AW15 backstage… with a touch of colour.

Fyodor Golan AW15_DAV2166Fyodor Golan

Antonio Berardi AW15_BER0138Antonio Berardi

Ashish AW15_ASH1437Adesuwa Aighewi and Alyosha Kovalyova @ Ashish

Ashish AW15_DAV2793Ashish

Anya Hindmarch AW15_ANY0885Almina Estevao @ Anya Hindmarch

Li Xiao XingDAKS

OSMAN AW15_OSM0689Agne Konciute @ OSMAN

Ashish AW15_ASH1447Cheyenne Carty and Natalie Feltham Ashish

Ryan Lo AW15_RYA1668Ryan Lo

Barbara Casasola AW15_CAS0525Hadassa Lima @  Barbara Casasola

JW Anderson AW15_DAV2210JW Anderson

Roksanda AW15_ROK0206Ola MunikRoksanda

Margaret Howell AW15_DAV2374Audrey NuritMargaret Howell

Margaret Howell AW15_DAV2378Vasilisa Pavlova @Margaret Howell

Jonathan Saunders AW15_SAU9902Jonathan Saunders

Ryan Lo AW15_RYA1629Yana Shmailova @ Ryan LO

J JS Lee AW15_JJL7699      J JS Lee

J JS Lee AW15_JJL7769      J JS Lee


Anya Hindmarch AW15_ANY0954“HL” Hadassa Lima @ Anya Hindmarch

Ryan Lo AW15_DAV2817Ryan Lo

JW Anderson AW15_JWA9089Gentlemen, step back and stay behind the line.

London Fashion Week AW15 – Backstage

Some portrait and behind the scenes photos I took before the shows at London Fashion Week AW15.

Barbara Casasola AW15_DAV2674

Barbara Casasola AW15_CAS0504

Simone Rocha AW15_DAV2283
Kai Newman @ Simone Rocha

Christopher Raeburn AW15_DAV2745Athena Wilson @ Christopher Raeburn

Christopher Raeburn AW15_DAV2747Emily Meuleman @ Christopher Raeburn

Emilio de la Morena AW15_DAV2786

J JS Lee AW15_DAV2142

Jonathan Saunders AW15_DAV2600Stella Lucia @ Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders AW15_DAV2602Sally Jonsson @ Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders AW15_DAV2633Jessica Stam @ Jonathan Saunders

Margaret Howell AW15_DAV2370Amra Cerkezovic @ Margaret Howell

Hunter AW15_DAV2717

JW Anderson AW15_DAV2218Hedvig Palm @ JW Anderson

Margaret Howell AW15_DAV2359Vasilisa Pavlova @ Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell AW15_DAV2369Irina Sharipova @ Margaret Howell

Hunter AW15_DAV2724Frances Coombe @ Hunter Original

OSMAN AW15_DAV2700Frances Coombe @ OSMAN

Barbara Casasola AW15_DAV2662

Margaret Howell AW15_DAV2398

Emilio de la Morena AW15_DAV2767

Emilio de la Morena AW15_DAV2753

Paul Smith AW15_DAV2559

London Collection Men AW15

Some black and white portraits I took backstage at London Collection Men  AW15. More pictures to come soon… Stay tuned!

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Christopher Raeburn_DAV1578Christopher Raeburn

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Christopher Raeburn_DAV1601Christopher Raeburn

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15__DAV1812E.Tautz

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_KTZ_DAV1696KTZ

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15__DAV1861Tiger of Sweden

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_KTZ_DAV1703KTZ

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Margaret Howell_DAV1628Margaret Howell

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Marharashi_DAV1521Maharishi

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Pringle of Scotland_DAV1652Pringle of Scotland


Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Tiger of Sweden_DAV1818Tiger of Sweden

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Tiger of Sweden_DAV1844Tiger of Sweden

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Tiger of Sweden_DAV1850Tiger of Sweden

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_Tiger of Sweden_DAV1858Tiger of Sweden

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_YMC_DAV1539YMC

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_YMC_DAV1549YMC

Davide Cossu_LCM_AW15_YMC_DAV1554YMC