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London Fashion Week AW17 – Backstage

Some images I took backstage at London Fashion Week AW17 for NOTION magazine last February

Davide Cossu_Ashish_LFW_AW17_ASH0536
Meg Fairbairn @ Ashish

Davide Cossu_Ashish_LFW_AW17_ASH0568
Sienna King @ Ashish

Davide Cossu_Ashish_LFW_AW17_ASH0633

Davide Cossu_Ashish_LFW_AW17_DAV6140
Meg Fairbairn @ Ashish

Davide Cossu_Eudon Choi_LFW_AW17_EUD8806Eudon Choi

Davide Cossu_Eudon Choi_LFW_AW17_EUD8817
Eudon Choi

Davide Cossu_Fyodor Golan_LFW_AW17_FYO8629Fyodor Golan

Davide Cossu_Fyodor Golan_LFW_AW17_FYO8631
Fyodor Golan

Davide Cossu_Fyodor Golan_LFW_AW17_FYO8684
Fyodor Golan

Davide Cossu_Jasper Conran_LFW_AW17_JAS9330Jasper Conran

Davide Cossu_Jasper Conran_LFW_AW17_JAS9375
Jasper Conran

Davide Cossu_Jasper Conran_LFW_AW17_JAS9379
Jasper Conran

Davide Cossu_Jasper Conran_LFW_AW17_JAS9493
Jasper Conran

Davide Cossu_JJS Lee_LFW_AW17_DAV6203

Davide Cossu_JJS Lee_LFW_AW17_DAV6227
Claudia and Giulia @ JJS Lee

Davide Cossu_JJS Lee_LFW_AW17_DAV6238
Sylwia @ JJS Lee

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_LFW_AW17_DAV6062
Suzi Leenaars @ OSMAN

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_LFW_AW17_DAV6079
Jan De Villeneuve @ OSMAN

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_LFW_AW17_OSM0241OSMAN

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_LFW_AW17_OSM0256

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_LFW_AW17_OSM0304

Davide Cossu_OSMAN_LFW_AW17_OSM0340
Shujing @ OSMAN

Davide Cossu_Ryan LO_LFW_AW17_RYA9148
Ryan LO

Davide Cossu_Ryan LO_LFW_AW17_RYA9247
Ryan LO

Davide Cossu_Ryan LO_LFW_AW17_RYA9278
Ryan LO

Davide Cossu_Temperley London_LFW_AW17_TEM0004
Aqua @ Temperley London

Davide Cossu_Temperley London_LFW_AW17_TEM0154
Lameka Fox @ Temperley London

Davide Cossu_Temperley London_LFW_AW17_TEM9994
Temperley London

Davide Cossu_THEO VII_LFW_AW17_DAV5943
Theo VII

Davide Cossu_THEO VII_LFW_AW17_THE9631
Theo VII

Davide Cossu_Topshop Unique_LFW_AW17_TOP9720
Lottie Moss @ Topshop Unique

Davide Cossu_Topshop Unique_LFW_AW17_TOP9787
Lily Jean Harvey, Dilone and Adwoa Aboah @ Topshop Unique

Davide Cossu_Topshop Unique_LFW_AW17_TOP9798
Alanna Arrington @ Topshop Unique

Davide Cossu_Topshop Unique_LFW_AW17_TOP9805
Topshop Unique

Davide Cossu_Topshop Unique_LFW_AW17_TOP9833
Dilone @ Topshop Unique

Davide Cossu_Topshop Unique_LFW_AW17_TOP9854
Lottie Moss and Lily Jean Harvey @ Topshop Unique

Davide Cossu_Topshop Unique_LFW_AW17_TOP9919
Topshop Unique